2021-2022 Course Request Information

Welcome! We are excited that you will be with us next year at Heritage Academy Maricopa.

This year if you are already a Heritage Scholar the process of requesting the academic and elective courses that you are interested in taking next year will be accomplished through your PowerSchool account. If you are new to Heritage Academy, you will have the opportunity to request courses when your enrollment process and orientation are complete.

Moving forward with the course request process, please select the links below which pertain to the grade you will be in next year, and NOT the grade you are currently in. For example, if you will be in the 7th grade next school year, you will want to select the 7th Grade Course Request form and the Junior High video. If you will be in the 9th grade next school year, you will want to select the 9th Grade Course Request form and the High School video. And so forth.

As you fill out your form and then go to PowerSchool to enter your course requests, take the time to read the instructions and explanations, and to watch the video clips carefully. Please don’t rush through this process; experience has shown that many questions arise from moving too quickly and missing important instructions. Don’t be surprised or annoyed if you hear or read the same instructions more than once. The course request process isn’t particularly complicated, but given that this is the first time we have ever tried to complete this process online, there are bound to be a few hiccups and questions.

To begin, click the link that pertains to the grade you will be in next year. This will lead you to the course request form and worksheet that corresponds to your grade. If possible, it is recommended that you print the forms so you can write directly on them. Once you have your forms in hand click the video link that will take you to a video, which will describe the course request process and give instructions on how to proceed.

6th Grade Course Request Form

7th Grade Course Request Form

8th Grade Course Request Form

9th Grade Course Request Form

10th Grade Course Request Form

11th Grade Course Request Form

12th Grade Course Request Form

Video – Junior High Course Requests

Video – High School Course Requests