New School Orientation Information


We are excited that you will be joining us next year at Heritage Academy Maricopa.

Moving forward with the orientation process, please take the time to carefully go through each of the steps. You will be asked to view some informational videos. You will also be prompted to answer some questions to help you evaluate your level of understanding. Please don’t rush through this process; experience has shown that many questions arise from moving too quickly and missing important information or instructions. Don’t be surprised if you hear or read the same information more than once.

1. Please begin by clicking the link for New Scholar Orientation 


*This step is required to attend school.  

2. Then, take a few minutes to review the documents in this document packet:


3. Once Orientation is complete, you will receive a link to register for classes.  

*Placement testing is no longer offered for the 2021-2022 school year.  Scholars will be assessed in their individual classes to determine if they are in the correct class.