• 12/18-12/21 – FINALS WEEK – attendance mandatory 

  • 12/21 – HERITAGE PTO FUNDRAISER – see post for details

    12/21 – JV BOYS BASKETBALL HOME GAME – vs. LFPA  5:30 PM


  • 12/25-1/4 – CHRISTMAS BREAK – no school


  • 1/10-1/13 – HS FINE ARTS RETREAT – for those scholars who signed up 

  • 1/15-1/16  – CIVIL RIGHTS DAY – no school 

  • 1/23 – MENTAL HEALTH NIGHT – see post for details



Our Mission Statement

Heritage Academy is dedicated to youth, their growth and development. The purpose of education is to build strong character. Strong character is reflected in strong families, strong communities and a strong nation.

While teaching the academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation.

As today’s rising generation gains an appreciation of these people of accomplishment, they will be ready to provide the selfless service to their fellow citizens and to their country which will be required in the coming years to assist in preserving America’s greatness. Heritage Academy exists to this end.


Pick up dinner before our basketball games!!!


Scholar handbook:

Absences Any scholar who misses ten percent (10%) or more of classes (usually five or more per semester) in a given subject may not receive credit for that subject. This applies to all absences unless on school business. An excused absence is an absence due to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies and 9 suspensions not to exceed 10% of the instructional days scheduled for the school year. Heritage Academy must be notified of the absence prior to the absence or when the absence occurs by the parent or legal guardian who has custody of the student. If an absence occurs relating to any other term or condition that is not specifically designated above, the absence shall be counted as unexcused.

Tutoring is still happening!


Dress code reminder:

Winter wear: Heritage branded outerwear can be purchased through a variety of departments on
campus. Approved outerwear bears the Heritage logo and other academic, arts, or athletic icons.

All Heritage sponsored outerwear is acceptable if approved by the campus administration. Otherwise, any solid
red, white, or navy blue sweater, sweatshirt, coat, or jacket is acceptable (the inside may be a different color than
the outside, but the inside must be solid red, white, navy blue, black, gray, or white). This outerwear may not
have any pictures, logos, or any writing on it.

Currently all our parking spots have been filled. We do not anticipate having spots open for the rest of the school year.



Congratulations!  These Heroes finished their season undefeated, 10-0!  They made it through the final four of their CAA state tournaments.  They play tomorrow night for the State Championship!  Good luck boys!!!


Thank you PTO for setting up this YEAR LONG fundraiser!

Use promo code:  HAM20 at


PTO continues to shower our teachers and staff with love.  PTO mom’s created a delicious cocoa bar with all the fixings, right when we had that cold snap. Thank you PTO!


Underneath the open sky the cast of The Thrilling Tale of the Three Musketeers embarked on quite an adventure.  Our Drama department and Mrs. Vargas preserved though rain delayed performances, but thanks to their resourcefulness the show went on! Thanks to all of the family and friends who were willing to rearrange their schedule to see this hilarious performance. Once again the stage and props were quite stunning thanks to Mrs. O’Barr and crew.

3-musk1-scaled 3-musk2-scaled 3-musk3-scaled 3-musk4-scaled 3-musk5-scaled 3-musk6-scaled 3-musk7-scaled 3-musk8-scaled 3-musk9-scaled

The Junior High Orchestra and Band diligently prepared to present their magical evening for festive tunes.  Their preparation did not disappoint and they played to a full house! We are grateful for the many talents that Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hamilton bring to Heritage Maricopa.  We can’t wait to see what these scholars bring us in their spring concerts.

comb-beg-band-orch-scaled begining-orchestra3-scaled begining-orchestra2-scaled begining-orchestra-1-scaled begining-band2-1-scaled begining-band-1-scaled

The halls of Heritage Gym were echoing with festive melodies and cheerful harmonies as our talented Beginning and JH Choirs sang for their Christmas  Concert last week.  Mr. Bunker said they focused on “light”.  Not just the light we can see, but the light we all have inside us to touch one another for good. Thank you Mrs. Hunt, Mr. Bunker and scholars for blessing us with your collective talents.

JH-choir4-scaled JH-choir3-scaled JH-choir2-scaled JH-choir1-scaled

Our High School Orchestra, Band and Choir concerts were held at MHS’s auditorium.  Scholars shared their many musical gifts as performances were highlighted with many solos.  The had the audience spellbound with an awesome performance of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.  Heritage was blessed by these captivating performances of both traditional and contemporary arrangements.  We are very fortunate to have such talented musicians at our campus.

HS-orch2-scaled HS-orch1-scaled HS-band3-scaled HS-band2-scaled HS-band-scaled HS-choir6-scaled HS-choir5-scaled HS-choir4-scaled HS-choir3-scaled HS-choir2-scaled HS-choir1-scaled

Our school dance department presented “Pure Imagination” last night in our Heroes Gym.  Under the direction of Mrs. Smith our dance classes were beautifully choreographed as they expressed themselves through movement. Performers had many costume changes and bought their dances to life with engaging music and lighting.  Congratulations scholars!  Once again you put on an amazing show!

Dance7-scaled Dance6-scaled Dance5-scaled Dance4-scaled Dance3-scaled Dance2-scaled Dance1-scaled



Congratulations to these college accepted scholars!

Karsten Bogle Arizona State University
Andrew Lissy Northern Arizona University
MacKenzie Weyrauch Brigham Young University- Idaho
Janelle Cutajar University of Arizona; Grand Canyon University
Bailey LaBounty University of Arizona
Sayuri Marquez University of Arizona

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Has your high school scholar created a 4 year plan yet?

Heritage Academy offers advising to every scholar on campus. Mrs. Bocchinfuso will coach them along their college prep path, get them enrolled in college while in high school, and set up for future success!

Parents and scholars….. Do you have questions regarding college or high school planning?
Below is a list of topics that you may want to consider.

  • High school course selection
  • Early College Program – Dual enrollment, AP & CLEP
  • Earning an Associates Degree at Heritage Academy
  • ACT/SAT/PSAT (Which test and when?)
  • Financial Aid (Scholarships, Grants, Loans & FAFSA)

To schedule your appointment with Michele Bocchinfuso, please visit:



Be prepared and try to remember all of the items you will need for class, sports, and extracurriculars each day. 

We understand things happen and sometimes items get forgotten.  We have had an increase in these forgotten items, so please help remind your scholars to prepare their needed items the night before.  SCHOLAR WILL BE CALLED DOWN BETWEEN CLASSES TO PICK UP THE ITEM. WE WILL NOT DELIVER THE ITEMS TO CLASS.  Please remind your scholar to pick up the item in the front office.


Course fees for all FIRST SEMESTER classes have been assessed and are now PAST DUE . Scholars with balances will now start to be dropped from all fee-bearing classes and will not be enrolled back in for the remainder of the semester.

As a reminder, our course fees are for the class, not the sport. Even if your scholar is not playing on a competitive team, you are still responsible for paying the course fee as is listed on the course request form completed at registration.

2023-2024 COURSE FEES

MySchoolBucks is our payment system for course fees and to make purchases through the school store.

To create your account go to and follow these instructions:

  1. Click “Sign Up Free”
  2. Follow the step by step instructions to add our school and your scholars to your account.  Our district is Heritage Academy Inc.  
  3. Click on “School Store” on the top menu bar for a list of options.

  1. If you click on “Store Home” it will take you to where you can purchase items like a parking permit, pay your PTO dues, or rent your choir robes.
  2. If you click on “School Invoices” this is where your current course fees and end of year school balances from last year will be listed.  You will be able to make a payment right through this system!
  3. We only accept online payments.  No cash or checks will be accepted.


No invoices?  You must add your scholars to your account.  Click the profile icon and select “My Students.”  You may also need to add Heritage Academy as a new district if you another school on your account that uses myschoolbucks.





New scholars – CLICK HERE to make your MyHotLunchbox account


  1. Change your scholars grade level under your profile.
  2. Communicate with your scholar if you ordered lunch for them so they know to pick it up.
  3. If a lunch is ordered and not picked up during lunch time, it will be donated.
  4. If your scholar is absent, cancel the order or contact the front office if you want it saved by 10:00 am, otherwise it will be donated.
  5. If you want a friend to pick up your lunch, it must be communicated to the front office by 10:00 am so the records can be updated.  



NO OUTSIDE FOOD (fast food or delivery) is allowed.  The school does not provide a lunch if your scholar forgets.  REMIND YOUR SCHOLAR TO PACK A LUNCH.